Jim and June

Amahl’s Poem

There is only one purpose to life… to love.
There is only one reason for living… learning to love.
There is one reason for relationships… to share love.
There is one reason for being in a crowd… to observe love.
There is one reason for being alone… to understand your symbol of love.
There is one reason for disagreement… to find out where you are not loving.
There is one reason for crisis… to uncover your ability to love.
There is one reason for change… to find new ways to increase your love.
There is one reason for a “Soul Mate”… to expand your love beyond its present limits, and keep expanding it until all limits disappear.

The sun helps you strengthen your love.
The rain helps you synthesize it.
The wind aids you in spreading it to the four corners of the earth.
You exist only through your love.
You are felt by the constancy of your love.
You are remembered only by the manifestation of your love.
Your consciousness and peace of mind come only from the depth of your love.

True Soul Mates

A True Love Story

The word “soulmates” is bandied around frequently and used or misused. Almost everyone longs to find their soulmate. Those of us who knew them have no doubt that Jim and June Spencer captured the true meaning of soulmates in the life they shared together. It is almost impossible to speak of one without the other.

Theirs was a great love story — perhaps because they were so in love with one another, perhaps because they were each, separately, the embodiment of love.