Earth Angels

A Heavenly Collaboration

Jim & June working on their angels

June and Jim’s enduring interest in rocks and minerals led them to collect the works of renown Angel Creator, Everet Buss. Eventually they met the artist and became apprentices. Once they mastered the craft, Everet blessed their work and sent them out on their own. In 2000, June and Jim began designing “Earth Angels,” which they co-created until June’s death in 2007.

Earth Angels

Al and Wanda Johnson met Jim and June in 2001 and became very close friends. They apprenticed under their guidance, learning all the intricacies of creating angels and assisting them in preparation for shows. When Jim passed in 2009, he left the business in their care. They intend to lovingly carry on Jim and June’s legacy, as well as create one of their own, and they invite you to visit their website at

The gallery below includes a selection of Jim and June’s Earth Angels.